Investment Process

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We Keep The Process Simple

We Keep The Process Transparent

At AngelFIre, we have an open and transparent process with our LPs. Our investors can view deals, watch screenings, and participate in the process– as much or as little as they want.
While AngelFire’s management team is responsible for all of the work, AngelFire was founded as a club and built on this transparent culture. Every deal AngelFire looks at is available to view, along with all due diligence materials, in our online investor portal.

All deals come with an option for LP’s to invest additional dollars via a sidecar. As part of our process, AngelFire live-streams each screening session so you can watch the entrepreneurs present to the Investment Committee and even get the opportunity to ask questions directly. It is this open process that allows LP’s to further evaluate companies themselves and gives them the chance to ask the entrepreneurs questions before deciding to make a sidecar investment.

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