High-Net-Worth Individuals-Looking To Invest?

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We’re Looking For A Few Smart Investors. Are You The Right Fit?

AngelFire Capital Management is looking for High Net-Worth individuals looking to have access to a diverse portfolio of high return, early stage companies without making the large, capital commitments many funds require. This includes individuals who are new to the angel or VC space and are interested in getting involved, but not aware of the commitment required to build and work with a portfolio of companies, as well as individuals very aware of what it takes and wanting to play a role, but understanding their limitations in doing so. A perfect fit for our fund model.

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Our diversified portfolio approach gives you access to a portfolio of high return, early stage companies without having to undertake the arduous task of sourcing and thoroughly researching each company on your own. For an individual high net-worth investor, it can sometimes take evaluating as many as 250+ companies to find one or two investments that meet your own standards, even before you start evolving them through experience. Multiply that by ten investments and you have a full-time job. High Net-Worth investors new to the angel experience, don’t have the discipline and tend to be over zealous with their investments, investing in too many deals.

With AngelFire, we do a great deal of that groundwork for you. Like diversification strategies in other asset classes, investing in an AngelFire fund, provides a diversified portfolio of early stage companies, reducing your risk and increasing your chances of success, since your investment is spread over multiple companies and industries. You also benefit from the fact that while committed, your entire investment is not due at the onset, but spread out over the course of the fund’s investing period. And, you can participate in the process, making you a better angel if that is what you want to do as well. Also, participating in one of AngelFire’s companies early, gets you a seat at the table for later round investments

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AngelFire investors have realized higher returns than typical public market investments, early stage companies are private and their stocks are not tradable in those markets.

  • Angels typically average a 27% IRR* [Internal rate of return]
  • VC funds typically average a 20% IRR*

Our expertise spans many different industries and experience has shown that our model is working. Leveraging pipelines from leading funds and groups lets you get a diversified portfolio of highly sought-after companies. We do the work, and without making the multiple, large capital commitments investing in many funds or making direct investments into the individual early stage companies would require.

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