Limited Partners Looking To Invest?

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We’re Looking For A Few Smart Investors. Are You The Right Fit?

AngelFire Capital Management is looking for High Net-Worth individuals. Typically, individuals who want to invest in early venture companies in industries they have interest in, often with the intention of leveraging their expertise and relationships to get more involved and be a catalyst to the company’s growth. They typically get involved post revenue, where they can do the company the most good, leveraging their skills, networks and resources.

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Angelfire opens LPs up to a world of early stage companies. Our deal flow funnel is optimized for opportunities via other major regional VC and Angel Groups, and a diverse portfolio that’s nationally focused with a distinct advantage in the northeast region. We can provide you a portfolio of early stage companies, giving you an early seat at the table, where you can step in later based on your model.. In fact, since we work with our portfolio companies during their earlier stages, we are doing the work you do, earlier in the process, improving deal flow opportunity, but letting you focus in the later stage where you excel.

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Access to AngelFire’s early stage portfolio companies can enhance long term returns, optimizing an LP’s focus at a later stage where they have more impact.

Limited Partners benefit from our diverse portfolio. It spans many different industries and allows for later opportunities to step in and do what you do best. You have a seat at the table and an insight on portfolio companies while we work with them early stage, before it would otherwise be optimal for you to do so. They are on your radar right from the start.

We are a small fund, and as such, are a better fit than larger funds driven by the need for volume chasing return in the quest for unicorns. We have shown success in choosing the right businesses to invest in and be involved with. Leveraging investment in our diverse portfolio of companies increases access, while keeping costs down, de-risking opportunity where otherwise you might have to expand to achieve the same goals.

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