Harvey Brofman

Harvey Brofman2018-08-28T17:02:54+00:00

Managing Partner

  • A seasoned professional and serial entrepreneur in the healthcare space for over 25 years. An early pioneer leading the development and adoption of new technology for systems and solutions in multiple segments within the healthcare space including the medical, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, CRM and payor components of the industry. Known among peers as a leader and innovator. Played a driving role in the evolution of systems, telecommunications and standards out of manual and disparate systems.
  • My current day job split between Angel Investing, working with other angels and startups. and being a sounding board for and advising portfolio companies.
  • I am interested in companies that are early stage in fintech, healthcare, healthcare IT, mobile, analytics, and web based solutions. When I say solutions, I don’t mean “me too,” I look for the gems that stand out and have something different to offer. I do 4-8 investments per year, typically investing $25K – $100K per deal at pre-money valuations from $1-5 million with companies that have some form of product built and some level of market validation.
  • I am a board member of the New York Angels. I serve as a mentor and/or advisor to a number of early stage ventures.